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Claret and her littermates are
4 weeks old!

Weybridge and his littermates are
4 weeks old!

Handsome Bodie!

Bodie is Robson Armsí Toast to Miracle
(Miracle's Piper-Barek / Born September 14, 2018)
Owned by Lisa & Steve - British Columbia


Beware of backyard breeders selling unregistered Shiloh Shepherds, from parents who have not been health tested and who are not registered as breedable, "just for pets."

There are many unscrupulous people out there who care nothing about improving this breed, or maintaining health and temperament, and only want to make money.

When considering a puppy, don't hesitate to ask the breeder for copies of health clearances, DNA, and registration paperwork for the sire and dam. It is your right to be provided with this information!


Select the above link to access a printable copy of our Puppy Application Form. You can also access the form via a link on the How We Do Things page.

In Memory of David


We proudly register our Shilohs and puppies with the WSSBA.

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Yes, that's Raleigh (from Miracle's 2002 Sunnie-Orion litter) is on this bag of
Go! dog food! Click on the bag for more about him!

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