Nottingham's Calling Your Bluf

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Pretty Girl!
November 2020

Happy Halloween!
October 2020

Bluf + Holter Monitor
Mid-September 2020

Silly Girls Bonnie & Bluf
 August 2020

Eight Months Old
August 2020

Bonnie & Bluf
 June 2020

Really Special!
June 2020

Bluf on the Move!
June 2020

Six Months Old
June 2020

May 2020

Have I been WHAT? Digging?
April 2020

March 2020

12+ Weeks Old
(and 36 Pounds!)
February 2020

Jan & Bluf
February 2020

Bluf Loves the Snow!
10 Weeks Old
February 2020

Safe and Sound on PEI!
February 2020

This is the day we decided that she was "The One!!!"
January 2020

Five+ Weeks Old
January 2020


...Just a Few Days Old...
December 2019

One-day-old Bluf (was Flub!) with her Eight Littermates!
Born December 3, 2019

Bluf came to us from Nottingham Shilohs in Virginia!


She was Miss Orange / Flub in the Lore/Zeke-Quinn "Cluster" litter that was born on December 3, 2019. Once DNA results of this dual-sired litter were in, we learned that the entire litter was sired by Brick Chapel Shilohs' Quinn.


We are especially thrilled to have this young lady for two reasons:
* Marti and I have wanted to work together for a very long time; and
* After almost 25 years in Shilohs, Bluf is my first-ever smooth coat!


We named her BLUF because it's an anagram of FLUB!


Already a valued member of our Miracle Shilohs family, we can't wait to watch Bluf grow up.


Once she has matured and passed health testing, we look forward to breeding Flub with some of our special Miracle boys!


Full Name/Title: Nottingham's Calling Your Bluf
Color: Gray Sable Smooth
Born: December 3, 2019
Dam: Nottingham’s Story of the Mtn Top, TD (Lore)
Sire: NSx2 bsCH Brick Chapel’s Irish Majesty CGC, SPOT-ON (Quinn)
Holter Monitor: Clear (September 2020)
Microchip Number: 9900000003897141
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