We are very excited to announce that Cherry's first litter will be sired by Johann!
Cherry & Johann
Cherry is Miracle's Cherries Jubilee, CGN, OFA
Johann is NS BIS bCH aCanCHPtd MW's Captain Johann of Miracle, CGC, PENN

This breeding will take place in late April/early May 2017.  Puppies will be ready to join their families in August!


Cherry, bred by Miracle Shilohs (Tova-Bozley 2014), is a large gray sable girl, with lovely expression, a fabulous head, solid structure, powerful movement, and a sweet disposition.  She is affectionate and responsive, and is a joy to live with!

Cherry is a Canine Good Neighbour (CGN).

This will be Cherry's first litter.

Johann, also bred by Miracle Shilohs (Sunnie-Orion 2002),
was an impressive representative of the Shiloh Shepherd breed!

He was large and loving with good bone, a broad noble head, and great movement.    A "natural" in the show ring, Johann was a Breed Champion and a Best In Show winner!

Johann had Canine Good Citizen (with Gunfire) Certification.

During his lifetime and after (through the wonder of frozen semen), Johann has sired several beautiful litters.


Baby Cherry
(October 2014)
4 Months Old

Baby Johann
(September 2002)
4 Months Old


From this breeding, we expect sable (and perhaps some dual) puppies with large frames, beautiful heads, rich pigmentation, powerful movement, and incredible temperaments!


This is a "Miracle Shilohs" breeding.  It will be accomplished with frozen semen that we own.


For more information about this breeding, or to reserve your own special Cherry-Johann puppy, Contact Us today!


For more photos of Cherry and Johann, follow the links to their individual pages.




Miracle's Cherries Jubilee, CGN
Color: Gray Sable Plush
Born: May 29, 2014
Dam: GV
bCH Odin's Beautiful Thunder of O'atka, CGN, CCTD, OFA, ROM (Tova)
bCH Ptd. Zephyr's Full Throttle RSS, CGN, TPOC, OVC (Bozley)
Height: 28 Inches   Weight: 112 Pounds
WSSBA Registration Number: W14130
Hips: OFA Good (Preliminary) - Final Hip Results Pending
Elbows: OFA Normal (Preliminary)
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA551/14F/P-NOPI)
Thyroid: Normal (AVC)
TLI: 38.8 (Normal)
Brucellosis: Negative
DM: GenSol Clear (100-11711)
DNA: Results Pending
NS bCH aCanCHPtd. MW's Captain Johann of Miracle, CGC, PENN (Johann)
Color: Cream & Black Dual Plush
Born: May 9, 2002  /  Died: November 25, 2013
Dam: Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise, CGC, OFA, ROM (Sunnie)
Sire: NS BIS abiCH Heaven Orion Cazador of Desert, CGC, PENN, ROM (Orion)
Height: 29 Inches   Weight: 115 Pounds
(Height/Weight figures are from when Johann was in his prime.)
Hips: PennHIP .33L - .20R, No DJD - 80th Percentile
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA73/16M/C-PI)
Thyroid: Normal (AVC)
TLI: 8.1 (Normal)

Johann was a "pure" Shiloh, from Old Shiloh lines.


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