Five weeks old... ADORABLE!!!
34 Days Old
First time on the back porch!





All six of them are fascinated, watching
their Uncle Loki having a drink!
24 Days Old
Thanks to my friend Sarah for taking these pix!

Jan & Aurora

Jan & Beacon

Jan & Dazzle

Jan & Luster

Jan & Morningstar

Jan & Sparkle
32 Days Old
Visitors Tabatha, Robert & Dorothy from NS

Aurora & Tabatha

Morningstar & Robert
Dazzle & Dorothy
30 Days Old
Visitors Karen, Darek, Riley, Taylor & Ashley from NS

Karen & Aurora / Derek & Morningstar

Dazzle & Taylor
29 Days Old
Visitors Mark & Becky from NS/PEI

Luster - Mark - Beacon
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