After 7 weeks of observation and the
results of the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test,
we are thrilled to tell you who is going where!

Jalapeño will live with
Sussie, Scott & Ricky
in Nova Scotia!

Serrano will live with
Lisa & Scott and Family
in Newfoundland!

Bell will live with
Carolyn & Fabien
in Ontario!

Cayenne will live with
Leisa & Brian
(and Miracle Shiloh Jag)
in Labrador!

Dorset will live with Jill
(and Miracle Shiloh Carli)
in Nova Scotia!

Melrose will live with
Jamie in Alberta!

Sonora will live with
Sharon & Craig
in New Brunswick!

Trinidad will live with
Alexandra & Blaine
(and Miracle Shiloh Rudy)
in Alberta!
The music on this page was
"(Love is Like a) Heat Wave" by
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

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