Mabel and Her 3 Week Old Babies

Happy to be a Mom!

Miss Pink

Lining Up at Mama's Milk Bar!

Mr. Burgundy

Miss Teal uses Miss Black as a Pillow

Miss Gold and Miss Black are Telling Jokes



Three Sable Boys

Mr. Brown - Mr. Burgundy - Mr. Green

Three Sable Girls

Miss Black - Miss Purple - Miss Gold

One White Boy

Mr. Red

Four White Girls

Miss Orange - Miss Pink - Miss Teal - Miss Peach

Four Boys

Mr. Brown - Mr. Burgundy - Mr. Green - Mr. Red

Seven Girls

Miss Orange - Miss Purple - Miss Gold - Miss Peach - Miss Black - Miss Pink - Miss Teal

11 Puppies!



19 Days Old

Happy Mabel and Babies

Mabel and Miss Teal Share Kisses

Mr. Burgundy
(after a meal)

Miss Teal




Because this is a very large litter, and we wanted to give Mama Mabel
 some help, we introduced the puppies to baby rice cereal and milk,
shortly after their two week birthday.

Post-meal nap: Miss Teal, Miss Pink, Mr. Brown

18 Days Old

When they were 18 days old, we added soaked puppy kibble and
organic canned food to the mix.  This was a very popular decision!

This is good stuff!

Miss Orange and Miss Pink

Mr. Burgundy


Miss Gold

Miss Purple

Time for a post-meal huddle!

19 Days Old

Soon, they had outgrown the small bowl
(yes, there is a bowl beneath the puppies),
and they graduated to the Big Bowl.

20 Days Old

Here they are, eating like champs from the Big Bowl.
Soon, we will start using two bowls.

Though she is still nursing her puppies, Mabel enjoys the
freedom this is giving her.  Last time we saw her,
she was relaxing under a tree in the yard.  :)


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