Our Margaux-Barek Litter Has Arrived!!!

Margaux and Her Beautiful Baby Girl!
(Sired by Robson Arms' Barek)

Margaux's beautiful baby - sired by Barek -
arrived on Thursday, May 21st, 2015!
The young lady is a stunning dark sable.
She and Mama Margaux are both doing very well!

Here are the facts about her birth.



Birth Time



Coat Type


Gemmy 11:08 a.m. F 18



We are deeply saddened that Gemmy's littermates
(two stunning dark sable males) were both stillborn.



As ever, we will provide pictures and updates during this puppy's first eight weeks!



This Litter's Theme

We had all kinds of themes in mind for this litter...

Since we have only one puppy,
she will be our EXQUISITE SOLITAIRE.
When she is with us, we will call her Gemmy.





Margaux gets ready for babies
(in her favorite corner of the bedroom)

Margaux gets ready for babies
(this time, in the whelping box)

She's here!!!

Mama & Newborn Baby

Isn't Margaux a proud mama?!?

She's so happy!

Beautiful Gemmy!

Gemmy & Margaux


Proud Mama Margaux shows off Baby Gemmy!
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