It's been a busy week for us and the babies!

On Monday, they visited Dr. Kelly at Charlottetown Vet Clinic,
where they were examined and inoculated.
(The litter received an "Excellent" rating!)

On Wednesday, Temperament Tester Orysia Dawydiak came over
and administered the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.
Everyone tested very well!

Now, we are pleased to share some beautiful outdoor pictures,
and to tell you who's going where.

Black Cherry - "Mehgowain" -
will live with Karen in Saskatchewan


Chocolate - "Reign" -
will live with Devon in Ontario.


Cookies & Cream - "Scarlett" -
will live with Veronique & Brian
in South Carolina


Mint Chocolate Chip - "Sirius" -
will live with Khristine & Family
in California


Peach - "Gerta"
will live with Sergey & Family
in Nova Scotia


Pineapple - "Lady" -
will live with Hillary & Alex
in Massachusetts


Pistachio - Zane -
will live with Jeannie & Reggie
in Pennsylvania


Tangerine - "Dynah" -
will live with Jan & Louis
in Prince Edward Island


Tutti Frutti - "Ruby" -
will live with Dia & Bear
in California


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