Amanda, Milo and Matt
Kingston (now Milo) lives with
Amanda & Matt and Family
in Nova Scotia!

Rob, Archer and Kira
Cortland (now Archer) lives with
Rob & Kira
in Prince Edward Island!

Sammy, George and Janet
Spartan (now Sammy) lives with
George & Janet
in Nova Scotia!

Ceilidh, Rich and Charlotte
Pink Lady (now Ceilidh) lives with
Rich & Charlotte
in Nova Scotia!

Wally and Family!
Braeburn (now Wally) lives with
Andrew & Sherry and Family
in Nova Scotia!

Gracie, Mike and Jennifer
Gala (now Gracie) lives with
Mike & Jennifer and Nick
in Nova Scotia!

McIntosh (now Saxon) lives with
Liane & Family
in Indiana!

Photos Taken 29 December 2019 - 4 January 2020
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