Our Maritime 2014 Reunion & Specialty weekend actually began on Friday afternoon
 September 12th, with a Shiloh Show Handling Class presented by Fay Oatway.

Seven Shilohs participated.

Pictured from left to right, they are:

Cadence (Phenom's Tiegan-Johann 2013) and John
Tova (O'atka's Blade-Odin 2010) and Jan
Echo (Crossroad's Teeka-Barek 2013) and Kim
Loki (Miracle's Tova-Maximus 2013) and Andy
Brackley (Phenom's Tiegan-Johann 2013) and Louis
Darius (Miracle's Margaux-Orion 2013) and Connie
Boocha (Devoted's Autumn-Bozley 2012) and Jamie

Everyone performed better at the end of the class than at the beginning, so it was a success!

We are already planning to do a Handling Class next year to kick off Maritime 2015.


Many thanks to Roger Cunningham for the photo!

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