Our Maritime 2018 Reunion & Specialty weekend officially began on Friday afternoon September 14th, with a Shiloh Show Handling Class presented by Fay Oatway!


Those participating in the class were:

Beacon (Miracle's Cherry-Johann 2017) and Mark
Cadence (Phenom's Tiegan-Johann 2013) and Kim
Cherry (Miracle's Tova-Bozley 2014) and Jan/Alyssa
Denali (Robson's Asia-Barek 2012) and Tina
Echo (Crossroad's Teeka-Barek 2013) and Kim
Gotham (Island/ShadowGate’s Tosca-Lyric 2015) and Alyssa
Jax (Miracle's Tova-Johann 2015) and Terry-lynn
Loki (Miracle's Tova-Maximus 2013) and Alyssa
Mikey (Robson's Asia-Barek 2012) and Suzanne
Rocco (Miracle's Tova-Johann 2015) and Roxanne
Rosco (Miracle's Cherry-Johann 2017) and Sandra

Everyone performed better at the end of the class than at the
beginning, so it was a success!  And, we had a good time!

Here are some photos... Enjoy!

Shilohs participating in this year's handling class (from left):
Echo, Cadence, Rosco, Beacon, Rocco, Jax, Gotham, Denali, Mikey, Loki & Cherry


Cherry (Jan)

Rocco (Roxanne) & Beacon (Mark)

Jax (Terry-lynn)

Loki (Jan) & Echo (Kim)

Denali (Tina)

Rocco (Roxanne)

Rosco (Sandra)

Cherry (Alyssa)

Mikey (Suzanne)

Fay shows us how it's done!

Beacon (Mark)

Cherry (Alyssa)
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