Afternoon Judge:
Shannon Breau

From northern New Brunswick, Shannon Breau has dedicated her life to the welfare of animals.

She has been involved in Rescue, Rehabilitation, Retraining/Rehoming, Fundraising, Breeding and Conformation Showing.

For the past 18 years, Shannon has been devoted to the two breeds she loves: the Yorkshire Terrier and the Long Coated German Shepherd Dog. She is a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club; her kennel is licensed in NB.

Presently, Shannon owns and lives with nine Yorkies and three long-coated GSDs. In the past seven years, she has earned Championships on 15 dogs, 11 of which were from her own lines.

Shannon continually strives to improve the health, structure and temperament of her breeds of choice.

We are delighted that she has agreed to judge our afternoon specialty!

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