I heard the owl's echoing call
Piercing the darkness of the night
The natives say it signifies death
It was the night my buddy died

Loyal canine, protector, friend
A gift from God to me
Black shadow always at my side
Faithful friend he'll always be

Brown eyes; measured, steady gaze
Always watching where I'd go
Waiting by the door everyday
Each night by my bedside below

White cross emblazoned upon his chest
Chasing squirrels through the grass
Accompanying me on walks in the park
How I wish those times could last

I think there must be a place in heaven
For creatures such as these
For heaven will be all of God's best
And among God's best is such as he

He'll be waiting there for me patiently
Just inside heaven's gate
And he'll greet me as he always did
Tail wagging, even if I was late

When I heard that owl's call
Piercing the darkness of the night
I knew natives believed it signified death
But I say it celebrated a life

For Bridger, 1995-2010
~By Peggy Bennett



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