Miracle's Maritime Original, OFA


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  Retired and Happy!
Mia and 9 Babies by Bosco
Born July 5, 2005
June 2005  
  Mia and 8 Babies by Denver
Born May 11, 2004
Pregnant & Radiant
May 2004
Fall 2003  
  Mama Sunnie and 10 Beautiful Babies
(including Miss Burgundy - Mia)
Born May 9, 2002 / Sired by Orion

Mia is a black and cream dual, with a beautiful head, a nice topline, a well-balanced body, great side movement, and her parents' wonderful disposition.

Mia spent her younger years here with us, and also at Whisperwood Shilohs in Ontario.

During that time, Mia brought two beautiful litters into the world:

8 Puppies by Miracle's Denver (2004)
9 Puppies by Whisperwood's Bosco (2005)

After retiring from breeding, Mia spent the rest of her life
with the Zuffellato family in Ontario.

Full Name/Title: Miracle's Maritime Original
Color: Black and Cream Dual Plush
Born: May 9, 2002 / Died: May 3, 2014
Dam: Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise (Sunnie)
Sire: Heaven Orion Cazador of Desert (Orion)
Height: 26.25 Inches     Weight: 85 Pounds
Hips: OFA Good (Preliminary)
Heart: OFA Normal (By Cardiologist)
Generational Rating: 5G

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