Our site includes pedigrees of our Shilohs (past and present),  as well as other Shilohs that figure(d) prominently in our breeding program.

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Angel's Pedigree Draven's Pedigree Maximus's Pedigree
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Nola's Pedigree
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Piper's Pedigree
Bozley's Pedigree Kito's Pedigree Rosie's Pedigree
Bruno's Pedigree Lily's Pedigree Sunnie's Pedigree
Loki's Pedigree Tella's Pedigree
Cora's Pedigree Mabel's Pedigree Tova's Pedigree
Dagmar's Pedigree Mac's Pedigree Vanna's Pedigree
Denver's Pedigree Margaux's Pedigree  

Pedigrees are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF) format.
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