Happy Dagmar and Her First 2  (of 8) Babies!
5 Males - 3 Females
Born May 9, 2020


This litter arrived on Saturday, May 9th!

Although these puppies were not planned, they are special nonetheless!

5 males and 3 females - all duals.

Everyone is doing fine!

These puppies are located in Nova Scotia.


Newborn Pups = Adorable!

Proud Mama & Newborn Babies!

Proud Papa Bodie!
(Grunfeld's QT)
Check back soon for updates!

Are there Puppies Available?

We typically carry a pretty robust waiting list.

Initially, we are offering these puppies to people in NS that have been on our list for awhile. Then, once we know whether or not they are interested, we will contact those of you that have been in touch via email.

We appreciate your interest... and your patience!


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