When some of our Miracle Shilohs retire from our breeding program, it is our practice to place them in wonderful homes.  In our opinion, we can give them no greater gift than the opportunity to be the center of someone's world, rather than being one of many.

On occasion, we rehome young adults when, for whatever reason,
they don't "make the grade" to be added to our breeding program.

We do not have any adults available for rehome at this time.

These are some of the Miracle Shiloh adults who have lived/are now living "the good life"
with wonderful people.  Visit their pages to see more about them!


Nevvy now lives with Kelly & Chris
- and their three adorable daughters -
in Nova Scotia.

Another "plus" of Nevvy's new home,
is that she now lives next door to
Denver from Tova-Maximus 2013!

Chris & Nevvy  

Dynah lives with Jen & Barry
in Nova Scotia


Phoenix lives with
Aaron and Family in Illinois


Now deceased, Jolibel lived with
Dia & Bear (and Shilohs Nellie and Ruby)
in California


Vanna lives with Trudy & Mac
in Nova Scotia

Trudy, Mac & Vanna  

Bruno lives with Marlene & Robert
in Nova Scotia

Bruno with Jan, Robert & Marlene  

Nola lives with Chris & Kathy
in Alberta

Chris, Kathy & Nola  

Alan with Rosie & Lily

Heather with Rosie & Lily


Now both deceased, Lily & Rosie lived with
Heather & Alan on Prince Edward Island


Yvan & Cora

Cora spent her post-retirement years
(until her death in 2011)
with Joan & Yvan in Quebec

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