NS bCH Noble Barek of Robson Arms, CGN

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Maritime 2014
Echo, Denali, Barek, Mikey
Miracle 2014 Reunion
Looking Good!
Miracle 2014 Reunion
Suzanne & Barek
Miracle 2014 Reunion

Barek's Beautiful Progeny!
Maritime 2013
Winner's Dog!
Maritime 2013
Son Mikey & Sire Barek
Miracle 2013 Reunion
So Handsome!
Miracle 2013 Reunion


July 2013

Beautiful Head Shot
July 2013


Winner's Dog! Barek & Progeny in the Ring Barek & Louis
Maritime 2012:
Handled by Louis Burke and The Robsons - Barek was
Reserve Winner's Dog under Judge Judy Richards!
Winner's Dog and Best of Winners under Judge Ann-Marie Leadbeater!
...Also, Barek made an impressive showing with his Progeny...
August 2012 - Prince Edward Island, Canada
Barek & Louis
Working on Barek's CGN
August 2012
Papa Barek (Center) with Progeny
Lexi - Mikey - Denali - Shiloh
August 2012
Miracle Reunion
August 2012
Hey, Good Looking!
Miracle Reunion
August 2012
Calendar Shot!
July 2012
Having a great day!
July 2012
Mabel & Barek
July 2012
Barek & Good Buddy Lou
July 2012
Judge Tom Burke, Louis & Winner's Dog Barek!
Maritime Specialty
August 2011
In the Ring with Louis
Maritime Specialty
August 2011
Calendar Shot!
July 2011
Barek & Suzanne
July 2011
May 2011 One Year Old
May 2011
April 2011 Growing Up in NS
July 2010
In the Ring with Suzanne
PEI - July 2010
9.5 Weeks Old
July 2010
Barek & Shiloh Friends
PEI - July 2010
9.5 Weeks Old
July 2010
  5 Weeks Old
June 2010
10 Days Old
May 2010
  Mama Chica, Barek & Littermates
Born May 10, 2010
Barek's Pedigree

Barek shares his life with Suzanne & Wayne Robson
at Robson Arms Shilohs in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Because he is nearby, we have had the pleasure of watching this boy mature
from a fluffy puppy to a dignified representative of the Breed.


Barek is tall, dark, and handsome with a large frame, full body,
impressive head, and lavish SOLID BLACK plush coat.


For a large dog, Barek has beautiful movement.
  He proved this at the 2011-2014 Maritime Specialties, when he was
Winner's Dog/Best of Winners under several esteemed judges!
In 2014, he successfully completed his Breed Championship!


Barek is also a Canine Good Neighbour (CGN)!


To date, Barek has sired five beautiful litters:


10 Puppies with Robson Arms' Asia (2012)
8 Puppies with Miracle's Mabel (2012)
10 Puppies with Crossroad's Teeka (2013)
6 Puppies with Phenom's Lani (2013)
2 Puppies with Phenom's Freya (2014)
1 Puppy with Miracle's Margaux (2015)
10 Puppies with Miracle's Piper (2018)


Barek's next litter will be born to our lovely Piper in September 2018!

Full Name/Title: NS bCH Noble Barek of Robson Arms, CGN, PENN
Color: Solid Black Dual Plush
Born: May 10, 2010
Dam: Noble's Chic-a-Boom, PENN (Chica)
Sire: bCH Ptd. Sequoia's Taramack, PENN (Taramack)
Outcross Percentage: 21.875%
Height: 30 Inches     Weight: 125 Pounds

Hips: PennHIP L .39 R .36 - No DJD
Elbows: OFA Normal (Preliminary)
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA450/30M/P-VPI)
Thyroid: OFA Normal (
DNA: NCD11542
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