NS abCH Shenandoah-Mt. Selah's Magnum, CGC, OFA, TDI, ROM


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Mac in Gettysburg

With Granddaughter Hanna
May 2003

Christmas, 2002

With Rommel (out of Floosey)
January 2002

Floosey & Mac

August 2001

Mac's "Glamour" Shot



Judge, Mac, Wendy Fullerton
Cherry Blossom Classic / 1998

Judge Dawn Ganss, Mac, Handler Wendy Fullerton

May, 1998 ~~~ Brookville, Pennsylvania
At a Shiloh Shepherd Specialty, 14-Month-Old Mac was Best of Opposite (BOS)
to our own 8-Month-Old Tella, who was Best of Breed/Best In Show Specialty! (BOB/BISS)

Mac (BOS), Handler Wendy Fullerton, Judge Dawn Ganss,
Tella (BISS), Handler Kimberly Halcom


Mac & Handler Wendy Fullerton
New Jersey / 1998

5 Weeks Old --- What a Cutie!
March 1997
Mac's Pedigree

Mac had a magnificent head, good hips, pleasing temperament, rich pigment, and graceful movement.

Together, Becky Wacker (from Pinetree Shilohs) and I had the good fortune to acquire him in 2001.

Wow! What a welcome addition he was to our breeding programs!

Mac was quite the showman!

  During his show career, Mac earned Breed Championship and American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) Championships.

  He was also a National Select winner, and a Register of Merit (ROM) member!
(ROM points are earned based on the accomplishments of a dog's progeny.)

From the start of our involvement with him, Mac has sired nine beautiful litters:

11 Puppies with Kuro/Miracle's Lacey (2000)
7 Puppies with Pinetree/Miracle's Floosey (2002)
7 Puppies with Miracle's Tella (2002)
6 Puppies with Pinetree's Floosey (2003)
7 Puppies with Miracle's Tella (2003)
7 Puppies with Stardust Shilohs' Cinder (2014)
7 Puppies with Miracle's Cherry (2019)
7 Puppies with Ridgewood's Jurnee (2022)
8 Puppies with Weissmeer's Meer (2023)*

* This litter was bred and born in Japan!

In 2003, Mac passed the qualifying test for Therapy Dogs International.

Also, he took on many service-related tasks for our friend, Becky Wacker.

From the time he was neutered/retired, until his death, Mac was Becky's constant companion and best friend.

Thanks to the wonders of canine semen freezing, Mac is still available at stud!


For information about using Mac at stud call us at (902) 213-5895 or

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We have Mac semen in the US and Canada!

Full Name/Title: NS abCH Shenandoah-Mt. Selah's Magnum, CGC, OFA, TDI, ROM
Owned By: Rebecca Wacker
Color: Black and Red Sable Plush
Born: February 23, 1997 / Died: April 18, 2007
Dam: Zion's Winnie the Poo (Winnie)
Sire: Betterway's Tribute to Sasquach (Sasquach)
Height: 30 Inches     Weight: 110 Pounds
Hips: OFA Good
TLI: Normal
Generational Rating: Non-MAW
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