On this page, we will share this litter's going-home adventures.

The first puppy to leave us was Polaris/Gambler.
He flew to Manitoba on Thursday, May 5th.
He now shares his life with Mary-Anne and her many critters.  :)

Merrill (from Air Canada) & Gambler at Charlottetown Airport


Four puppies left us on Friday May 6th, when Dianne (Papa Maximus's mommy)
and I made the trek over to Nova Scotia with very Precious Cargo:
Castor/Keegan - Celeste/Lucy Maud - Gemini/Sarge - Hoshi/Clea

Also meeting us were Evelyn with Annie (Nola-Bruno '10)
and Suzanne with Barek (Noble Acres' Chica-Taramack '10).
A good time was had by all!!!

Sarge & Amber - Jackey & Lucy Maud - Keegan & Shirley - Clea, Scott & Alexandra

Scott, Clea and Alexandra


Shirley & Keegan

Jackey & Lucy Maud

Lucy Maud

Jackey, Lucy Maud and "Grandma" Dianne

Sarge & Amber




Very early in the morning of Saturday, May 7th (too early for pictures!)
Starla/Kate flew to Montreal.  She was picked up there by our friend
Carey Goyette who transported her to her
excited parents, Barb & Gary, in New York.

On Tuesday, May 10th, we met our friends Marilyn & Don MacKay in Oromocto,
New Brunswick.  We had lunch, and entrusted Rigel and Zeke to their loving care.
  Marilyn & Don took the boys to their home in Maine, and kept them overnight.
(Due to a quirk of Homeland Security, I could not ship these boys into the States.)

The next day, Marilyn & Don turned Zeke over to Pam & Jim.
 He is now at home in Massachusetts.

They also tendered Rigel to Continental Airlines in Portland, Maine.
He was shipped to Chicago, and is now with Phil & Monica in Illinois.


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