~ Monday, April 25th ~
It was a beautiful Spring day on Prince Edward Island!
Dianne and Kate (Maximus's people) paid us a visit.
We had so much fun, and got so many nice pictures,
we just had to build a page!  Enjoy!

Kate & Puppies


Kate with Castor & Starla

Two Cute Babies

Kate & Castor


Kate with ??? and Castor



Kate & Hoshi

Zeke & Castor

Kate and Her Little Buddies

(These photos were taken in sequence.)


The Puppies' Auntie Nola Came Outside for a Visit

The Babies (in their pen) and Nola

Kate & Nola

Kate, Dianne and Nola

Stars are the daisies that begem
The blue fields of the sky.
- D.M. Momzine -



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