Miracle's Elegant Extra

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September 2019

Happy First Birthday!
Camden with Litter-Mates Nessa, Cork & Brutus
Miracle Shilohs Family Reunion / September 2019
Prince Edward Island

Growing Up!
August 2019

July 2019

Camden & Grandma Tova
July 2019

May 2019

Camden & Grandma Tova
April 2019

Six Months Old!
March 2019

Beautiful Baby Camden!
February 2019

Camden's "Wise" Eyes
February 2019

Mama Piper & 22-Week-Old Camden
February 2019

21 Weeks Old
February 2019

18 Weeks Old
January 2019

17 Weeks Old
January 2019

13 Weeks Old
December 2018

12 Weeks Old
December 2018

Camden loving the snow!
9.5 Weeks Old
November 2018

Eight+ Weeks Old
November 2018

Mama Jan & Camden!
November 2018

Three Weeks Old
October 2018

Newborn Camden (Fizzy!) with Mama Piper and Nine Littermates!
(Sired by Barek)
September 14, 2018

Camden was Fizzy/Miss Yellow from our Piper-Barek "Champagne" litter!

The last puppy to arrive, Camden and her nine (!) littermates were born between midnight and noon on September 14, 2018.

In her registered name, we referenced a quote by Charles Dickens:


She is Miracle's Elegant Extra!

We selected the call name Camden because we like the sound of it. Upon researching the name, we learned that it is of Scottish & Gaelic origin, and it means "winding valley." Since many vineyards are in winding valleys, we liked the Champagne connection!

From late 2019, and for the rest of her life, Camden resided with our special friend Roxanne Gregory in Nova Scotia.

Full Name/Title: Miracle's Elegant Extra
Color: Brown Sable Plush
Born: September 14, 2018 / Died: May 28, 2021
Dam: NS bCH Ptd Miracle's Toast of the Town (Piper)
Sire: NS bCH Noble Barek of Robson Arms, CGN  (Barek)
Microchip Number: 956000006809245
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