GV NS bCH Ptd. Miracle's Cherries Jubilee, CGN

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Cherry was Sweetheart/Miss Red from our Tova-Bozley "Cherries" litter that arrived on May 29, 2014.  From the moment she was born, there was something about this puppy that grabbed me.  I knew that she would stay here, and be one of my special girls!

Now, at six+ years of age, Cherry is a formidable gray sable girl, with a loving and eager-to-please disposition.  She is large for a female, standing around 28 inches at the withers, and weighing an athletic 115 pounds.

At the 2017 Maritime WSSBA Specialty, Cherry was Winner's Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex under Judge Kyle Manuel (handled by Jenny Cunningham)! Due to her conformation achievements, Cherry was named the WSSBA's 2017 Grand Victrix!

At the 2018 Maritime WSSBA Specialty, Cherry was Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex under Judge Shannon Breau (handled by Alyssa)! Cherry was named a WSSBA 2018 National Select!

At the 2019 Maritime Specialty, Cherry was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex in the WSSBA (morning) Specialty under Judge Tom Burke, and in the ISSDC (afternoon) Specialty under Judge Linda Owens. As a result of these wins, Cherry was named the WSSBA's Grand Victrix again for 2019!

During her breeding career, Cherry had four beautiful litters:

* 6 Puppies by Johann (2017)
* 8 Puppies by Orion (2018)
* 7 Puppies by Mac (2019)
* 2 Puppies by Journey (2020)

Just around the time Cherry was weaning her final litter, a friend's Keeshond girl with a newborn litter of six puppies needed assistance. Cherry spent three weeks at their home, nursing and tending to those puppies. We couldn't be prouder of our wonderful girl!

We proudly share our lives a beautiful Cherry daughter: Juju (Cherry-Journey 2020).

Cherry is now retired from breeding.

In February 2021, Cherry went to live with Carrie & Paul and daughter Stella (from Cherry-Mac 2019) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We wish our "Cherry-Berry" much joy and happiness in her new life!

Full Name/Title:  GV bCH Ptd Miracle's Cherries Jubilee, CGN
Color: Gray Sable Plush
Born: May 29, 2014
Dam: GV bCH Odin's Beautiful Thunder of O'atka, CGN, CCTD, OFA, ROM (Tova)
Sire: bCH Ptd. Zephyr's Full Throttle RSS, CGN, TPOC, OVC (Bozley)
Height: 28 Inches   Weight: 115 Pounds
WSSBA Registration Number: W14130
  (902) 213-5895
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