aCHPtd  Miracle's Joyful Heart, TT, PENN

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Still a Beauty!
May, 2007
Cora & Special Buddy Simba
May, 2007
May, 2007 Cora & Her Best Friend
May, 2007
December, 2005 Happy Holidays from
Cora & Simba!
December, 2005
Cora and Her "New Dad"
at the Charlottetown Airport
September 20, 2005
Happy Fourth Birthday!
June, 2005
May, 2005 Cora, With 2-Day-Old Babies!
May 1, 2005
April, 2005 Sylvie (by Apollo) & Cora
On Sylvie's 1st Birthday!
February 10, 2005
January, 2005 3.5 Years Old
December, 2004
Cora & Sylvie (by Apollo)
November, 2004
October, 2004
August. 2004 Beautiful Cora (With Mama Sunnie in the Background)
Summer, 2004
Summer, 2004 Cora's "Glamour Shot"
Three Years Old!
June, 2004
Such a Happy Girl!
Spring, 2004
Cora and 9-Day-Old Babies
(by Apollo)
February, 2004
December, 2003 October, 2003
Our Lovely Outdoor Girl!
Autumn, 2003
Half-Sisters Cora and Lily
Autumn, 2003
Three Generations!
Cora, Cora~Orion Babies, and
Grandma Sunnie!

July, 2003
Second Birthday!
June, 2003
Happy Mama Cora and 3 Babies!!!
(Sired By
May, 2003
February, 2003 January, 2003 January, 2003
One Year Old
June, 2002
May, 2002 10 Months Old
April, 2002
4 Months Old
October, 2001
3 Months Old, with Kuro
September, 2001
10 Weeks Old
August, 2001
5 Weeks Old
July, 2001
Mama Sunnie, Cora (Miss Orange)
and Littermates ~ by Nikko
Born June 12, 2001
Cora's Pedigree

Cora (from the Spanish word corazón, which means "heart") was the first baby ever born to Sunnie, on June 12, 2001.  She immediately captured my heart; I had to keep her!

Cora was a bi-black/gray sable, with good structure and movement, and her Mama's  sweet nature and exceptional disposition.  By four years of age, Cora was a large, formidable girl, standing 28" at the withers, and weighing 120 pounds.  She was sweet, loving and loyal - and occasionally stubborn!

In 2002, Cora made her show debut at the American Rare Breed Association's (ARBA's) New England Classic in Topsfield, Massachusetts. She and Louis were an impressive pair in the ring.  In November 2002, Cora successfully completed Basic Obedience; at the same time, she passed a Temperament Test with Gunfire.

During her breeding career, Cora produced three beautiful litters:

3 puppies by Orion (2003)
   6 puppies by
Apollo (2004)
 2 puppies by Denver (2005)

Following her retirement in 2005, Cora spent the rest of her days with the Gaudette family in Gatineau, Quebec.

Full Name/Title: aCHPtd.  Miracle's Joyful Heart, TT, PENN
Color: Bi-Black/Gray Sable Plush
Born: June 12, 2001 / Died: May 31, 2011
Dam: Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise ("Sunnie")
Sire: CJ's Nikko Nakama of Kuro ("Nikko")
Height: 28+ Inches     Weight: 120 Pounds
Hips: PennHIP .45R - .41L, No DJD - 40th Percentile
Heart: OFA "Normal" (By Cardiologist) at 24 Months
Thyroid: Normal 
Generational Rating: 5G

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