abCH Tella's Fleur-de-Lys of Kuro, OFA, CGC, TDI, ROM


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Floosey & Becky, Shortly
Before Floosey's Death
April 2005
What a Beauty!
Late 2004
Floosey and Grandma Tawnee
Coolspring, Pennsylvania
September 2003
Becky & CHAMPION Floosey!
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
September 2003
Christmas 2002 November 2002 November 2002 Autumn 2002
Proud Mama - January, 2002
Proud Mama Floosey's 1st Litter
(including our Denver) by Mac
New Year's Day 2002
Gorgeous Girl at 2+ Years Old
October 2001
Floosey & Mac
October 2001
Floosey in Colorado
March 2001
Breathtaking in the Fall Leaves!
Autumn 2000
13+ Months Old
Autumn 2000
Best Friends Sunnie & Floosey
Autumn 2000
10 Months Old
July 2000
4+ Months Old
January 2000
January 2000 4 Months Old
January 2000
9 Weeks Old
November 1999
Mama Tella, Floosey (Miss Red) and Littermates - by Kito
Born September 5, 1999
Floosey's Pedigree

Floosey - our keeper from our very first litter (Tella-Kito 1999) - was a carbon copy of her mama (Tella)!  She had a sweet, loving disposition, and a playful nature, and was a joy to spend time with.

 At 18 months of age, she went to live with Becky & Paul Wacker in Colorado.

In October 2001, Floosey made an excellent showing at ARBA's Windy City Classic, where she made great strides toward her ARBA and Breed Championships.  In 2003, Floosey completed her Breed Championship (Yippee!!!).  She also passed the qualifying test for Therapy Dogs International.  Later that year, Floosey completed her ARBA championship!

Floosey brought three beautiful litters into the world:

7 Puppies by Mac (2002)
   6 Puppy by Mac (2003)
8 Puppies by Apollo (2004)

It came as no surprise that Floosey was an excellent mama!

After fighting a short battle with Lymphoma, Floosey's life ended in April 2005.

Full Name/Title: abCH Tella's Fleur-de-Lys of Kuro, OFA, CGC, TDI, ROM
Color: Cream and Black Dual Plush
Born: September 5, 1999 / Died: April 9, 2005
Dam: CJ's Sweet Tarantella of Kuro ("Tella")
Sire: Kito-Takoula-Simba of Zion ("Kito")
Height: 26.5 Inches     Weight: 82 Pounds
Hips: OFA "Good" at 31 Months
Generational Rating: 5G

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