abCH Ptd. Schell's Cherokee Hurricane, PENN


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Carla & Hanna
Happy in Nova Scotia!
October 2010
Pretty girl!
December 2007
...Dashing Through the Snow...
December 2007
Hanna and 10 Babies by Denver
(including Nola)
Born August 27, 2007
August 2007
August 2007 Denver & Hanna
June 2007
June 2007
May 2007 Hanna & Paleo( Lily~Denver '05)
January 2007
Mabel & Mama Hanna
January 2007
Happy 4th Birthday, Hanna!
January 12, 2007
Hanna & 3 New Babies!
Born October 22, 2006
September 2006 Stunning Couple Johann & Hanna
August 2006
Hanna and 3-Month-Old Mabel
August 2006
Hanna and Lily
July 2006
...Beautiful Girl...
July 2006
Hanna On The Move!
Canada Day 2006
Hanna and 3-Week-Old Mabel
June 8, 2006
Hanna and 1-Week-Old Mabel
May 25, 2006
Happy New Mom!
May 2006
April 2006 April 2006
February 2006 February 2006 February 2006 Happy Birthday, Hanna!
January 12, 2006
2+ Years Old Breeder Cheri Schell and Best In Show Puppy Hanna!
May 2003
Hanna and Grandpa Mac
May 2003
Pretty Puppy!
3+ Months Old
May 2003
Hanna's Pedigree

In late 2005, Hanna came to PEI to enhance our breeding program.

The granddaughter of two great Shilohs (Lobo and Mac), Hanna is a lovely lady with a beautiful red/brown sable coat; excellent structure and movement; intense, intelligent eyes; and a good disposition.

Hanna brought three beautiful litters into the world:

1 Puppy (Mabel) by Johann (2006)
3 Puppies by Johann (Late 2006)
10 Puppies (including Nola) by Denver (2007)

After retirement, Hanna spent the rest of her life with her daughter
Sara (Hanna-Denver 2007) and Carla & Jim Rose in Nova Scotia.

Full Name/Title: abCH Ptd. Schell's Cherokee Hurricane, PENN
Color: Red/Brown Sable Plush
Born: January 12, 2003 / Died: June 23, 2014
Dam: Schell's Dreamin of Maui Mt. Selah (Maui)
Sire: CJ's Glorious Amado of Shadara (Dylan)
Height: 27+ Inches     Weight: 105 Pounds
Hips: PennHIP .37L - .37R - No DJD (70th Percentile)
 Heart: OFA "Normal" (By Practitioner) at 36 Months
 Thyroid: Normal
 Brucellosis: Negative
TLI: Normal
Generational Rating: 5G

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