BISS abCHPtd. Miracle's Coral Sunset on PEI, CGC, OFA, ROM


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Lily, Alan & Heather
February 2008
Lily in the Snow
January 2008
Half-Sisters Rosie & Lily
January 2008
January 2008
Victoria Park August 2007 Charlottetown, PEI August 2007
Charlottetown, PEI August 2007 Victoria Park August 2007
June 2007 June 2007 Pretty!
May 2007
Daughter Sage & Lily
May 2007
May 2007 May 2007 Mama Sunnie (Left) and Lily
on Lily's 4th Birthday!
March 10, 2007
Proud, Happy Mama Lily
December 2006
Happy Holidays!
Christmas 2006
Lily and 10 Babies!
Born November 30, 2006
What a Beautiful Lady!
Late October 2006
A Pensive Lily
Drawn by Marina Zavitz
We Love This Picture! September 2006 September 2006 August 2006
Lily and 8 Beautiful Babies!
Born May 12, 2006
Sitting Pretty
April 2006
7 Beauties!
Born November 4, 2005
Lily & Denver
(Her "Main Man")
September 2005
July 2005 Mama Sunnie & Lily
May 2005
Late May 2005 Lily and Her First Babies!
Born April 19, 2005
January 2005 October 2004 Breed & ARBA Champion Pointed!
Connecticut / 2004
September 2004
Mama Sunnie, Jan, Lily
September 2004
Sibs Lakota, Lily, Chewie
June 2004
14 Months Old
May 2004
February 2004
Almost 9 Months Old
November 2003
Half-Sisters Cora & Lily
October 2003
Seven Months Old
October 2003
Seven Months Old
October 2003
Six Months Old
September 2003
September 2003 12 Weeks Old
June 2003
8 Weeks - On Lou's Shoulder
May 2003
Mama Sunnie and the "Delightful Dozen"
Lily (Miss Sage) - By Apollo
Born March 10, 2003
Lily's Pedigree

Lily was our "keeper" from our March, 2003 litter.  She was one of twelve beautiful sable babies (aka, the Delightful Dozen) that were born to our Sunnie and sired by the magnificent Apollo (his first-ever litter)!

Named for the Coral Sunset variety of lilies, our Lily is oh-so-sweet (just like both of her parents).  She matured into a statuesque sable beauty!

During her breeding career, Lily produced four beautiful litters:

6 puppies by Denver (Spring 2005)
7 puppies by Denver (Fall 2005)
8 puppies by Denver (Spring 2006)
10 puppies by Denver (Fall 2006)

Lily's babies consistently surpassed our expectations, and those of their families!

Now retired, Lily shares her life with Heather & Alan Hale of Belle River, PEI
(half-sis Rosie is also a member of the family.)

Full Name/Title: abCHPtd. Miracle's Coral Sunset on PEI, CGC, OFA, ROM
Color: Red/Brown Sable Plush
Born: March 10, 2003 / Died: September 8, 2016
Dam: Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise (Sunnie)
Sire: Gemini's Apollo Rocket (Apollo)
Height: 27.25 Inches     Weight: 85 Pounds
Heart: OFA Normal (By Cardiologist)
Thyroid: Normal
TLI: Normal
Generational Rating: 6G
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