Miracle-Angel's Eternal Light, CGN, CGC, OFA

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Louis (Left) and Jan (Right) with Nellie
at the Charlottetown Airport - September 2010
Nellie & Louis at the
2010 Maritime Specialty
June 2010
Nellie and 5 Week Old "Jack"
June 2010
1 Puppy Boy - By Bruno
Born May 23, 2010
April 2010 Son Razzo & Mama Nellie
(Pregnant Mabel in Back)
April 2010 With Margaux & Razzo
April 2010 Nellie and Razzo
  Second Birthday!
March 16,
March 2010  
"Baby" Razzo & Mama Nellie February 2010 With Grandsire Denver January 2010
January 2010 January 2010 Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009
November 2009 November 2009 October 2009 Nellie and 5 Babies by Bruno
 Born July 24, 2009
July 2009 June 2009 Nellie & Nola
Nellie and Tella
June 2009
May 2009  Louis & Nellie
May 2009
May 2009  Stunning!
May 2009
March 2009
First Birthday
March 16, 2009
Christmas 2008 Nellie & Granddam Sunnie
October 2008 Nellie & Bruno
October 2008
7 Months Old
October 2008
5 Months Old
August 2008
5 Months Old
August 2008
Nellie & Vanna
July 2008
Nellie & Vanna in the Ring
Maritime Specialty 2008
Vanna & Nellie
July 2008
Canada Day 2008 Best Friends Nellie & Vanna Smile!
June 2008
Three Months Old
June 16 2008
10+ Weeks Old
May 2008
10 Weeks Old
May 2008
9 Weeks Old
May 2008
8 Weeks Old
May 2008
7 Weeks Old Almost 7 Weeks Old 5+ Week Old 4 Weeks Old
  Mama Rosie ~  with 5 Beautiful Baby Girls ~ By Angel
Including Our Nellie (Miss Pink/Lailah)
Born March 16, 2008
Nellie's Pedigree

Nellie was Miss Pink from our Rosie-Angel litter born on March 16, 2008.

 In Nellie's call name, which means light of the sun,
we honor the memory of her granddam Sunnie.

In May 2009, Nellie & Bruno decided to have some fun.
 The results of their playfulness - five puppies - arrived on July 24th, 2009.
Though it was not a planned litter, we were so pleased with the babies
that we kept a male and named him Razzo!

Now, at 2+ years of age, Nellie is a charming young lady.
Beside a great personality and a winning smile, Nellie also has
well-balanced structure and clean movement.

To date, Nellie had two beautiful litters:

5 Puppies by Miracle's Bruno (2009)
1 Puppy by Miracle's Bruno (2010)

In July 2010, at the Maritime Shiloh Specialty on PEI, we were
delighted that Nellie was 2x Reserve Winner's Bitch!
Nellie is also a Canine Good Neighbour.


In September 2010, Nellie relocated to sunny California! 

Nellie is now a "fixture" at Dia's acupuncture practice,
where she greets patients, waits with them for their appointments,
and (when requested) accompanies them into the treatment room.

Full Name/Title: Miracle-Angel's Eternal Light, CGN, CGC, OFA
Owned By: Dia Vickery & Jan Burke 
Color: Black & Cream Plush Dual
Born: March 16, 2008 / Died: August 10, 2019
Miracle's Sunrise Celebration, OFA (Rosie)
Sire: GV abirCH Desert Windsong's Ebony Angel, CGC, OFA, ROM
Height: 26.5 Inches (Wicket)  Weight: 78 Pounds (Vet Certified)
 Hips: OFA Good (SLH-483G29F-VPI) at 29 Months
Elbows: OFA Normal (Preliminary) at 12 Months
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA329/25F/P-VPI) at 25 Months
Microchip #: 956000001634437
Thyroid: Normal (AVC)
TLI: Normal
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