Miracle's Atlantic Silver Moon


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June 2005 April 2005 HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!
February 10, 2005
Cora and Sylvie:
February 10, 2005
January 2005 Sylvie and Mama Cora
January 2005
Our Snow Princess
January 2005
Sylvie and Sunnie
January 2005
Sylvie and Grandma Sunnie
Taking a Nap
January 2005
Sylvie and "Auntie" Rosie
January 2005
January 2005
December 2004 December 2004 December 2004 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Christmas 2004
Mama Cora and Sylvie
November 2004
So Pretty!
November 2004
November 2004 Jan & Sylvie
November 2004
9 Months Old
November 2004
8 Months Old
October 2004
6 Months Old
August 2004
4 Months Old
June 2004
7 Weeks Old
March 2004
3 Weeks Old
March 2004
Jan with 18-Day-Old
Mirabella, Cedar and Sylvie!
Mama Cora, Sylvie (Miss Pink)
and Littermates - by Apollo
Born February 10, 2004
Sylvie's Pedigree

Sylvie (Miss Pink from our 2004 Cora-Apollo litter) came home to PEI in November 2004. 

Sylvie embodied the best qualities of her parents: a beautiful face, good structure, luxurious coat, a sweet nature, and floating movement.

In March 2005, we took Sylvie to the vet for hip x-rays. We were thrilled, when the OFA assigned her hips a preliminary rating of Excellent!  Because we were planning to breed her, Sylvie received OFA cardiac clearance from AVC's Cardiologist Etienne Côté (DVM, DACVM).  She also received "Normal" Thyroid and TLI ratings.

In August 2005, Sylvie started showing signs of a neurological problem.  We worked closely with our vets, hoping to alleviate it.  Rather than improving, her condition deteriorated.

Sylvie went to Heaven on October 15th, 2005.  An autopsy revealed a rare type of spinal cord tumor that is occasionally seen in young Shepherd females.

Rest In Peace, sweet Sylvie!

Full Name/Title: Miracle's Atlantic Silver Moon
Color: Gray Sable Plush
Born: February 10, 2004 / Died: October 15, 2005
Dam: Miracle's Joyful Heart (Cora)
Sire: Gemini's Apollo Rocket (Apollo)
Height: 28.5+ Inches   Weight: 90 Pounds
Hips: OFA Excellent (Preliminary)
Heart: OFA Normal (By Cardiologist)
Thyroid: Normal
TLI: Normal
Generational Rating: 6G
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