Noble Baron of the Salish Sea, OFA


Summer 2020
2.5 Years Old

Summer 2020
2.5 Years Old

Summer 2020
2.5 Years Old

March 2020
26 Months Old

January 2020
Two Years Old

January 2020
Two Years Old

February 2019
13 Months Old

December 2018
11 Months Old

December 2018
11 Months Old

August 2018
7 Months Old


May 2018
4 Months Old

March 2018
9 Weeks Old

March 2018
8 Weeks Old

Mama Morgen, Journey and Newborn Littermates!
January 2018

Journey's  Pedigree


Journey was Red Boy in Salish Seas' 2018 Morgen-Malachi litter.

"Mr. Handsome" shares his life with Jessie & Bob Izyk on a large farm in Alberta, Canada.

Journey is loved by all who meet him!

Journey passed his health testing, and is now available at stud.

To date, Journey has sired five beautiful litters:

2 Puppies with Miracle's Cherry (2020)
2 Puppies with Stellar Shilohs' Phoebe (2020)
3 Puppies with Miracle's Dagmar (2021)
9 Puppies with Genesis Shilohs' Vanity (2021)
1 Puppy with Weissmeer's Una* (2022)

* This was the first Shiloh Shepherd litter ever born in Japan!!!

We continue to expect great things from this young man!


If you are interested in using Journey at stud call (403-333-6464) or

Full Name/Title: Noble Baron of the Salish Sea (aka, Journey), OFA
Born: January 22, 2018 / Color: Golden Sable Plush
Dam: Salish Seaís Morning Star
Sire: Genesis-JnLís On Cloud Nine
Height: 29 Inches     Weight: 103 Pounds
Hips: OFA Good (SLH-1014G24M-VPI)
Elbows: OFA Normal (SLH-EL775M24-VPI)
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-ACA65/24M-VPI)
Holter: Clear (10/2018)
Thyroid: OFA Normal (SLH-TH346/24M-VPI)
TLI: 12.5 (Normal)
Brucellosis: Negative
DM: Clear (By Parentage)
Microchip Number: 956000004900326
WSSBA Registration Number: W18007
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