These are some of the studs that we have used - or hope to use - in our breeding program.

Some of them were bred by Miracle Shilohs; others were not.

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These Shilohs, bred by Miracle Shilohs, are now being offered at stud!

Cherry-Johann 2017

Tova-Bozley 2014

Tova-Johann 2015

  Tova-Maximus 2013 Tova-Johann 2015  

Though not bred by Miracle Shilohs, we are pleased to use Journey in our breeding program!

  Salish Seas Shilohs
Morgen-Malachi 2018
  Cherry-Mac 2019  

Though no longer living, these studs have continued to enhance our breeding program, and the Shiloh Shepherd gene pool, through the use of their frozen semen.





Over the years, these Shilohs have contributed to our breeding program.


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