These are some of the studs that we have used - or hope to use - in our breeding program.

Some of them were bred by Miracle Shilohs; others were not.

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These Shilohs, bred by Miracle Shilohs, are now being offered at stud!

Piper-Johann 2019 Tova-Bozley 2014 Tova-Johann 2015 Cherry-Mac 2019

These boys were not bred by Miracle Shilohs, but we are pleased to be using them in our breeding program!


  Genesis Shilohs
Eden-Bozley 2014
Shilohs of the Salish Sea
Morgen-Malachi 2018
We hope this young man will grow up to be a stunning addition to our breeding program!

  Shilohs of the Salish Sea
Midori-Jax 2023




These studs continue to enhance our breeding program, and the Shiloh Shepherd gene pool, through the use of their frozen semen.


Noble Acres
Chica-Taramack 2010
Miracle Shilohs
Sunnie-Orion 2002
Miracle Shilohs
Tova-Maximus 2013
Shenandoah Shilohs
Winnie-Mac 1997


Over the years, these amazing Shilohs have contributed to our breeding program.


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